Yin and Yang

Yin, the writer trying and

Yang, the photographer essaying


Is the symbol of the Yin Yang, like most say representing opposites?

Does Yin Yang mean the opposites in Chinese?

Part of an oneness?

A myth like meta-physic or a fact, real like physic?


Representation of what?

A game? ornating a hexagon?

Time? Space? Location?

Microcosmic? Macrocosmic?

Copy? Mirror?

Human? Inhuman?

Man? Woman? Child?

Animal? Plant?

Parasite? Virus? Bacteria?

Life? Death?

Endemic? Foreign? Alien?

Fairness? Justice? Law?

Business? Trades?

Behaviours? Temptations?

Corruption? Merit?

Rivalry? Friendship?

Top? Bottom?

Top of Food-chain

Why Who Where is the so-called top of the food chain?

Myth or Reality?

Visible Invisible

Meta-physical like Socrate’s librarian? Physical like Darwin?


Etheric? Magnetic field?

Frequency? Wave?

Love? Hate?


Tiger, shark, lion, snake?
Insect, Parasite, virus, bacteria? 

NO ==>

Man & Woman

WWW? Why Who Where?

Carrying on setting fires to forests, jungles, cut and destroy these.

News ways faster?

They are drilling big holes in trunks, injecting or filling up with a mix of oil and petrol.

Once burnt, less mist and humidity? More earth and ashes, more dust and pollution?

More erosion, landslides, bare-rocks, monts chauves?

Is that connected to water and freshness? Several degrees celsius, high pollution rates

Poor air quality, particles reflecting sunbeams, sun-rays

The schism in ultra-rays, gamma-rays, photons and other protons part of a microcosm

Effect on macrocosm? Middlecosm rather 🙂

Lungs diseases, types of pneumonia? Allergies, sicknesses, deaths?

Earth microcosms drastic changes? Animal and plants exodus?

High rates of deaths in the animal world?

What about the lice in the hair or hairs?

A shaved head or a wig won’t have the needed lice living space?

No names or questions and no calling endemic anymore?

Same-same but different for forests, jungles, mist and water and freshness!


Yin Earth 

What are the inhabitants of Darwinian or physical earth?

How about these forests, jungles, giant trees?

Autochtones are the animals and vegetals.

And the humans? Autochthonous too!

Part of it, the earth too. The whole or the all!

Yang Gaia

What about the metaphysical, etheric, unseen, invisible Gaia? 

Why call mother Earth? What is a mother doing naturally?

Giving life? And providing? For What? Who? Where?

Who said we kill in the name of a hypothetical god called greed and ego,

destroy the nature from which we live and depend upon,

Deciding for the majorities including minorities of all

They’ve decided the time is now? WWW? Who? Where? Why?

And part of the whole again! and this whole is the earth for some and some of the meta-team; Earth-Gaia

The Yin and the Yang

One split circle in two halves, each having a dot within.
All white for one half but has a tiny black dot in the middle of its unclosed circle.

At times of other colours, but the black absorbs while white rejects and reflects all the rainbow colours?

And these are direct opposites, meta or not!

The second half is all black but with a tiny white dot in the middle of its unclosed circle.
Both black and white halves are imprinted with opposite dots of opposite colours within.
Each perfect copy of the other, of the most precise sizes, of their undulatory lines,

offering one perfect curvaceous shape but of such symmetrical geometry; whole, within a circle.

On another universal view, man created the camera. After the light was let there, free, it seems.

Most of the time, inoffensive inventions made by committed people to research, scientists, doctors, professors are so far from being weird intentioned.

Still, others, more into other aims or ethics, can, for example, fit a knife and a spring on the camera, and the immortalising tool becomes one of death! Putting an end to infinity, like! Some do! F….. bastards!

In reality, they tend more to immortalise anything that might not know the end of the day.
Some have filled themselves to the bone with ill intent.
Intent applied to all and as a mission to make all, weapons and a revolution or war.

Inventions created for the best or common betterness, for others a lethal weapon.
Even umbrellas and shoes! 🙂 Some shoes come fitted with retractable knives.

And why not a sacred text? The Bible, the Coran, Torah, Buddhist, Hinduist or Hermetic or among the other two thousand holy religions.
All of these thousands of religions or cults claim the same thing; their religion is the real and right one, the saving one.

How about all these texts, books scrolls holly or not had good and evil, yin and yang like? But with a message of togetherness? But some men can of any text a bit ambiguous, make ways to war? What people make of it! Dixit, an old friend in Cafe Bo in London years ago.

WWW? Why? Who? Where? WEW?

All that glitters isn’t gold, says an old Chinese proverb? The one wearing a hat.. heu.. can’t remember, must be Alzheimer, no a hit or shock on the head, Parkinson neither..? I can’t remember. Liam or his lame, si la mi, in-ut la mi!

Even hermetic some say that kept all oral secret will get action against the people.
The same thing for the discovery of the dead sea scrolls found some decades ago.
Which, before going to the archives, were told to contain nothing of importance.

They have written so-called sacred books. What do people do with these books?
One can understand why the saying of some is they are not ready, the people to know such a secret?

It’s not about a book cover with a layer of poison for some who would lick the front page? NO
People have books, buy a book, are being gifted a book.

These books called books of love? Sick men or women(much less) with power need to extract the text’s context and right to the faith-full or empty need to fill with manipulation. A believer is a thing, but a young converted is the ideal bait for a bird of prey. The trick will get the power so fulfilling the empty novice, the looser will be something or someone, and even the highest priests of any religion are lying about it. Even the selected believers are enemies. Team leaders? Wth! Leader? of what really? To do what to who?

The troubles can be extracting, manipulating and most importantly, uniting a team or a gang. Organising!
Easy to do when you know where you are, at home!

And many are not so happy, anything to get out of here, better.. and now?
Frustrated, young enough to attack after some soldier training.

Small teams, gangs, power will come when dealt with the mission.

Hit solid and rigid, terrorise a few innocents when they have no choice, a surprise is an attack by the weak preys, against people innocent, unknowing, not even a goodbye to their loved ones.

No smile, an end given by a weak prey serving by doing the things they know will hurt, abuse their/his own, kill and murder their/his own, but he needs to do it.

From nothing, hidden or in the shadow, wives in front, just behind their kids and grandkids, kids already professors by birth.

Helders and supporters of their parents’ achievements to further, perdure and invest at all costs in their “lives fights”, not reasons to live, reasons to fill up by destroying, controlling, racketeering and ransoming and or to fulfil some revenge and resentments, excuses to lower the woodies et mal dits.

Whatever these costs; suicide, accident, murder, sickness, sorrow or pain.

What matters to these exoskeleton is how full their pocket in the opposite side of their pump (the main engine of the blood circulatory system.)

Anyway, they love and care by the opposite side of the pocket, in most people, the right side.

The one with the wallet full of cash, for an ex-golf put-her no shame, no regret, high pride and dignity in the openly repeated “nous on peut!” “on nait” “on est” “on va”, just a reminder of a huge multi-coloured bag also full of dosh. Probably for the mission costs. Until the new customers. Las Palabras y personas non gratas. La palab rat qui maque rots des entrepreneuses qui se voient insultees dans leurs families et noms ou patronymes et families meme a l’etranger subissent less insultes douteuses de personnes grasses en mots et gestes surtout par derriere.

A team or a gang, armed with a few knives or machetes, drunk or and drugged. I need to take some actions at first sight!!
To get some finances and arms, one needs to show how able and complete his mission will succeed.

Evil as much a catastrophe’s reaching more, more significant and more productive arms and other missions.
Sure of the holiness of their brainwashed mission meta opened in the disguise of faith. By the closest and from the youngest ages.
An alternative of a holy, but a war.

Crook traitor with a mission, probably not caring for his own Coran or belief, much higher than this new customer who knows finances finance what who and where. WWW WEW.

Those they enslaved while what they needed in truth is the opposite of this fatalistic encounter from which the people will act, serving by compromising their people, their loved or still loved ones.

Selecting and pushing for a war that will call themselves first, their family and close ones, their tribe or other tribes and more.
Soon in a mission to the worst terror, torture, horror cruelty!

The terrorists will have done their introduction into an alternative to a biblical or Islamist or Buddhist aim of uniting, and no mea culpa for these culprits.



























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