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Retributing Pleasure

Photography is almost a reflex.

Depending on how we look at things, some things change.

Time to shoot it! If not, turn around; it might not be anymore!

Enjoying taking pictures is mainly believing in immortalising the target in front of our lens.

In the glimpse of the second of the shutter aperture and before it shuts is all that’s left from that unique moment.

Whatever we choose to shoot at with our camera.


Acting, Nomadic, Enjoying

Places of interests, cultural or historical sites, trekking in national parks or wildlife sanctuaries.

Landscapes, mountains, megaliths, stones and rocks, trees and barks, plants and crops.

Insects, birds and animals, shapes, at times sweet and pretty, are dark and cold and.. much more.


As Healing

Writing can be as much about remembering what will be gone tomorrow, a therapeutic diary, a way to heal, to think.

But also to witness changes, good or bad, from within or outside.

A way to better deal with thoughts and their privacy (not for all).

Behaviours, effects of lacks, dependencies and deprivations, abuses and exaggerations, control of self and else.

Intentions, tempers, differences, interests, jealousies, greed and vulnerabilities, energies thought neutral, to be stolen and misused by selfishness and greed.


As Perceiving

Are they all worlds and ecosystems? Micro and macro-cosmos?.

An invisible atomic perception reduced to the powerful tip at the top of the pyramid and its acolyte as influential, much more mob at the tip of the diamond underground.

The two 1%s from above and below the ground, overworld and underworld opposites, use things and people alike, calling freedom and cold as ice to most suffering and miseries.

The weaker, the better. Beholder of the lie to most, promise they give all, including their kids and others, no consent asked, all brainwash.

Promise that if held, no need for them to be.

If really caring and loving the disadvantaged, for long,  their diverse accountancies would have largely covered much more than the bare necessities, education and health costs and training for those who need the most. Most deserve more comfort and less act-against-will from enslavers.

Then, why do they steal, control, manipulate and maintain the poorest poor?

Even against their own family, community, tribe, hill tribes, Thais, locals or not, foreigners?

They can threaten, insult, humiliate, kill and dispossess without any remorse, regret, or word for their own people they feed on?

Writing is also de-fragmenting and reuniting a project started some thirty years ago or so.

With pieces of a puzzle(s) that have been stolen or shared, forgotten or thrown away, hacked, recycled and edited before recollection.

Anyway, over-protected or poorly maintained like the junk they were; still, they attract attention.


As loathing

The intention of the ill-willed might benefit the author or might not.

A diary, a draft may be diarrhoea for some, an amusing musing for the artists lacking inspiration and Pandora’s box for the destructive, crooked and corrupted ignorants full of resentments.

These lazy, crooked, destructive and corrupted ignorants might enjoy or suffer from the contents until the last moment(content).

Justice is to be done, though, particularly for the corrupted ones “Chef d’orchestre”, with her instrumentalists and those singers of all ages.

He has to review the roost-hers policies. In the woods with the greys and the Maldives, all are burnt and cut.

These Nai-mes need some repairs asap! No bad or good Ming Ton, no Ping pong, no dark web or intents! No WWW! No, Why Who Where! No WEW!

Mentors or rather “menteurs” for an ideal serving only themselves, that most feed also to their own demise.


As Lying

If promises of better were to be held, there wouldn’t be any more orchestras, no need for “chef d’orchestre” and gangs anymore.

Their commitment is not to be kept; contracts are not to be had, as trust in them.


With Hope

Wishes though that less suffering, fewer abuses, and less unfairly treatments, less condescendence, less arrogance and less sadism and sickness.

We hold on with the last piece stacked at the bottom of the box.

Recycling, pollution, clean or alternative energies, solar or else for a better lifestyle is a priority for the environment.

For the earth, its inhabitants, contents living and/or organic for most. .. and HOPE!


With blood

At the top of the food chain, humans corrupted at design for some, as part of nature for others, more lethal than viruses or parasites to these days.

Sharks, wolves and cats have almost disappeared, so much needed for their virtues.

Corruption worsens when groups of any kind feed on their own, the corrupted would or might be better for some of those, but the non-corrupted or the honest ones are much too often targeted.


No Mercy?

Being a threat to the scammers. At times a sleazy traitor and liar to its family,  group or community or more, either for gain, greed or revenge; as sick as real.

Underworldly, he compromises with the light, a low-resolution part of the light, still in the shadow and darkness.

He is compelling and destructive, corrupted at will, and so generous and wise with his followers, so necessary.

Executioner as a daily routine. Masses as sacrifices. They pollute rivers and earth as they poison veins and brains.

Foods and air, and kids, adults and slaves are proudly traded with some bellies or parts.


With sadness

When given another chance, they’d come and steal and back-stab you, kind of cold as ice but with a smile, or a grin, would get you to sign for a contract with an asylum.


Hope with intent

Photographs and writings both immortalizing beauty and miracles in all, meanwhile darkness and evil lurk around.

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