Mountain Rice Harvesting in Northern Thailand Chiang Dao

Eric Grimaldi Studio Photography Writing Ews
Mountain Rice (not in water paddies but watered by rainfalls)
At the time of harvesting in the Chiang Dao National Park
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No machine used for the past 18 years or so.

Once community work, where all the village would help families after families, nowadays, it’s more family work only, it seems.

Though while corn planting or seeding, villagers came to support a sister.

When an university student years ago came for a thesis on water management and farming in the mountains by the Lisu.

We were amazed that rotation of crops was done, how the village or even other villages would work in community together family after family. Hence when one family’s work would finish they all would go to another family, and so on.. there was parties, shared happiness, dancing and music, cheering.. Is it changing now?

E. G.

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