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Born in France, somewhat travelled and settled not without some difficulties about 16 years ago with my partner and her son.

Now a French citizen part of the Thai & Lisu family in Thailand, enlarging family in France and an international family of friends much dispersed from the Northern Highlands to Down-under. And on all, continents!


2004 Creation of Amima’s Shop

We co-opened with my future wife-to-be a fashion/casual small business in Chiang Dao in Northern Thailand.

We called the shop “Amima’s Shop”!

Not entirely as original as the owner’s first name is Amima.

The first daughter’s name in a Lisu family is Amima when the first boy is called Attapa.

Amima’s success is due to unbending will and work, dedication to grow socially, strength and an exceptionally rare resilience against all the odds and circumstances.

Our success or Amima’s success left us, years ago, envisage the possibility of reproducing a similar schema for others, supported by micro-credit concepts with 0% or little interests.

Assistance, follow up and simplification for book-keeping, budgets and more when targeting similar profiles often illiterate but with tremendous abilities and at all ages. Maybe not in our objectiveness as we know it. Certainly not in the negativity of some (the 4+) winning or making it by breaking or dispossessing those unwelcomed Thai or not.


2010 Amima’s Shop is autonomous.

Birth of EWS!

EWS, TEWS or Trade East-West-Sales was at first an ambitious platform.

A big business.

The aim was high, but the master words were to being disruptive and set the target high. Good for me and for others. So we did! …And failed.

The whole flow of business leaders we’ve decided to follow was mainly lead by the highly successful and young or older leaders to support possible potentials into becoming entrepreneurs.

Either unarmed, poorly educated or unknown possibilities in “sleeping state” or with a belief of inability. Unaware of their eventual abilities as leaders to awake and be given a chance or more as becoming a successful entrepreneur.

More based on Online business deployment as general compute seemed and has a future in all and everyday use.


Business Mentors

A lot more, but here is a few; Mas-cotes, Michel, Hugues, family Iota and drunk chess, and friends, many all over..and Alibaba’s Jack Ma, Gary Vee, Jordan Peterson, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, FB, Instagram, Google and many more CEOs of founders. The continuation of Argos and Tandy, Gateway.



EWS or TEWS was a dual e-platform with a retail and a wholesale side. Drop-shipping used as retail, needed to be adapted to wholesale. As we had no knowledge or so little, tutorials and on-field learning would be the way.

Mobile Computing was aiming at allowing better access to communication, education and culture tools in remote areas.


Solar and clean energies at home, in farms and mobile or portable.

Solar portable or not, batteries and chargers.

LED lighting at home, office and urban furniture.

Hi-tech, tech, electronics and innovative technologies,

Electric bikes, segways…

The best for Less..! was our slogan!



Apart from allowing access to a third of the price less expensive for price/efficiency/reliability value to sell in countries like some South American countries, some African countries, some Eastern countries and Russia. Middle Eastern, Western Europe, USA…


Electronics and mobile computing:


  • Individuals
  • Communities
  • Schools
  • Town halls
  • Villages
  • Towns

To use for:

  • Communicating with parents or friends away
  • Education
  • Culture
  • Entertainment
  • and more.

With solar, the minimum electric needs possible for those where lines are not yet installed.

In 2011, when we started the TEWS EWS projects, we switched from Microsoft Windows to Linux, Ubuntu and many other GNU or open-source distributions later.



The other goal was to gather a few apps into a kit or a group of apps converging towards a work-kit that would allow people to work freelance or entrepreneur.

More targeted towards the unemployed, people with handicaps visible or not, or willing to work individually, but not feeling like a good performer in a team, jobless or else. Of course, allowing the possibility to earn a living and when sure emancipate from support.

These projects went bankrupt, with the money, the investments, the family and friends, the health and eyesight.

Grow Learning Hi-Tech compute Linux Open Source AI EI IOT Blockchain… Tourism culture tradition social healing photography writing recycle environment.

These are but a few subjects we enjoy keeping informed on and act upon through the form of Business projects or plans we will execute if not already started. Voici et voila.

What are you about?

Why should you read our blog?

Open to all comments.

E. G.






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