More Yin than Yang

Photography is almost a reflex. Finding out that depending on how we look at things, something changes.
Enjoying taking pictures is mainly due to believing immortalizing whatever is shot with my smartphone or camera.
Landscapes, mountains, megaliths, stones and rocks, trees and barks plants and crops. Insects, birds and animals, shapes at times sweet and pretty, and much more.
Tourism, cultures, traditions, places of interests, cultural or historic sites, trekking, national parks, wildlife Sanctuaries
Writing is as much about remembering as it is therapeutic or a way to better deal with lacks or exaggerations I tend to get much often carried away too quickly.
Recycling, pollution, clean or alternative energies, solar or else for a better lifestyle is a priority with the environment, the earth and its contents organic for most.

Clean or alternative energies, solar or else, are they really what they are said to be?

The windmills? Are they really that clean? that efficient? what about polluting during their fabrication? The pollution they cause on sight?

How about earth polluting while installing on land or sea? How many tons of concrete per windmill? How many tons of iron? What about underground? around?

Their fabrication need 17 metals earth highly polluting when extracting!

Need of fossil fuels

No wind no electricity, too much wind, stops, break no electricity? Batteries? Wastes? Fabrication?

The solar panels? Where on land? on sea? or floating? How about their fabrication?

Need of fossil fuels

The problem is climate changing, warming and deregulating mainly because of CO2 excesses that’ll kill in many different ways in the decades to come or maybe more .

CO2 emissions are produced from fossil fuels and other burning like methane and others gases

This is the result of research, no gimmicks, likable or not it looks like we need to hurry to do something about it.

We might live bad times, our kids worse, and the kids of the kids even worse, but we can do something about it!

E. G.

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